haha wow i just logged onto this blog long time no see everypony 

im pretty sure like almost everyone followed me back but just in case i remade yadda yadda yadda





White Crow (redwattlebird)

oh my god please dont say otherkin are “crazy” or “delusional” or “need therapy” or whatever because its actually really 


REALLY fucking rude because like 

i couldnt even think of what it would be like to discover youre not human and have people say those things about you on tumblr of all places where you would probs turn for support and a place where you think people would be accepting go d thats just terrible like im not saying you even have to “believe” in otherkin just dont//…..be so rude and vocal about it 



daveportner replied to your post: daveportner replied to your post: i reamde my blog…

it looks so bad

so does your FACE #boomroasted